An Incomplete Plan of Attack on Earth acts as a guiding plan for the architectural practice of ZAV, and the design of the office is in accordance with the different sections of this manifesto, based on which different spaces are located and interconnected.

The Crafts Laboratory, a workshop dedicated to material and building experimentation, is directly connected to open space and has independent access. It follows an industrial aesthetics, unlike other spaces that are sharply colored based on their function and are linked to other closed spaces through a central white common space that is, in a sense, the continuation of the city inside the building.

Think tank spaces are colored blue, studio spaces yellow, and service spaces crimson. Colors are selected based on their effect on the function of spaces.

The building hosting ZAV, formerly in decay, was restored with minimum intervention to portray the mission of architecture that is “change and innovation”. A frequently asked question is related to the choice of white as the façade color. The previous users had painted the bricks of the building façade red, a random choice based on a sense or taste. Today the white color of the façade is an extension of the interior common spaces, also white, which represents a new air and healthful change.

The juxtaposition of the sharp uniformly colored interior spaces and the roughly colored and textured workshop, directly results from the work mechanisms of the office and this aesthetics develops from a certain process.